Cambridge 2021

9th December 2021

I recently took a trip back to my university city. Back in summer I had a day out in Cambridge and realised that there's a lot more to do now that I'm not living off a student loan. These are my notes, photos and reviews for the trip.


Train to Cambridge and booked into the nearby overpriced Ibis.

Nipped into the Price Regent for some posh pub snacks. Every pub is now owned by Greene King (whoever he is) so all the food is the same everywhere.

Jamie's opinion
Prince Regent

You're in the south when it's called a "Garlic Ciabatta with Cheddar"

Next we visited The Regal, the only place I used to drink outside college bars. It's so much worse than I remember.

Jamie's opinion
The Regal

In the evening, I satisfied my BBQ cravings with a trip to Smokeworks.

Jamie's opinion

Few games of bowling in the evening. Can't remember the last time I went bowling but still managed to pull off an impressive comeback.


Morning flat white at Urban Larder while trying to book a sunday roast at the last minute, don't recommend.

Jamie's opinion
Urban Larder

Recommend the coffee, not the last min planning

Managed to get a walk-in table at The Chop House. Had Roast Beef, Sticky Toffee Pudding, a bottle of wine and a Hazelnut Espresso Martini (not all at once).

Chop House
Jamie's opinion
Cambridge Chop House

Stuffing would take this to 5/5 chickens

Spent the day exploring the beautiful pubs and bars around town. We managed to get The Granta's secret mulled wine recipe: love and brandy.

Jamie's opinion
The Granta

You can always depend on Gardenia to provide a well earned meal at the end of the night.

Jamie's opinion

Sexy and trashy, now that's hard to pull off

Finished off the day playing chess in the Elm tree. I won!


Brunch at the Espresso library.

Espresso Library
Jamie's opinion
Espresso Library

Upgraded our stay from the Ibis to the Varisty which only cost £30 more per night.

Had fish and chips at The Eagle which was okay but the staff were very rude.

Jamie's opinion
The Eagle

Dry waiters and rude chicken

Went ice skating for the first time in years. Fell 3 times but only 1 was my fault.



Tried to do an early morning class but went straight back to bed once we experienced the weather. A few hours later we had breakfast, the highlight by far was the pancake machine 🤯 Took full advantage of the sauna and hot tub, that counts a workout right?

Bould Brothers coffee - tasted so different from what I'm used to.

Jamie's opinion
Bould Brothers

Had possibly the best pub lunch of my life at The Castle Inn.

Castle Inn
Jamie's opinion
The Castle Inn

The best pub lunch in Cambridge?

Discovered Thanh Binh. Not sure if I've had Vietnamese food before but it was the best Vietnamese food I've ever had.

Thanh Binh
Jamie's opinion
Thanh Binh

and it's BYOB so we enjoyed this with a great bottle of wine from the wine merchants down the road. Seriously, how did I go 3 years at uni without these places.

Jamie's opinion
Cambridge Wine Merchants


Full english breakfast at the Copper Kettle.

Jamie's opinion
Copper Kettle

Followed by card games and mulled wine at the Cambridge Brew Hosue.

Jamie's opinion
Cambridge Brew House

Pizza at The Carpenters Arms since The Castle Inn's dinner didn't start until 6PM.

Jamie's opinion
The Carpenters Arms

Ended the day with some cocktails at The Six before heading back to London 😭



Didn't have enough time to do everything we wanted. Here's a few places to visit next time:

  • Charlie's Coffee Co
  • Grantchester, home of the hit ITV show... Grantchester
  • Efes